Energy Efficiency Maximized

Wood is great for keeping your fireplace going, but it lacks when it comes to keeping in that same heat. With the combined powers of the thermal mass of concrete, and insulating properties of expanded polystyrene, energy used to heat and cool any building is dramatically reduced. Up to 70% savings by increasing the R Value to 40+.

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NetZero Passive Building

Perfect for a NetZero home. Save up to 70% on energy costs by using ICF Strong building materials.

Disaster Resistent Building

Reinforced concrete is the strongest affordable building material we have. Earthquakes, fire and wind devestate homes and businesses because they've been built from inferior materials. Concrete is nearly fireproof, highly siesmically resistant, and won't go down just because the breeze picks up.

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Disaster Resistent Building

This photo shows three homes spared from a devastating fire in San Diego by using ICF Strong building materials.

Why you should choose ICF Strong for your next building


Greater protection from fires, hurricanes and tornados, earthquakes, and mudslides.


Doesn't support mold growth, or contain Carcinogenic Isocyante chemicals like OSB, Plywood and Asbestos.


Only one crew needed to perform all the tasks. Build times up to 5x faster than other ICFs.


Block noises from getting in and keep noises from getting out! Perfect for noisy neighborhoods and music studios.

More Efficient

Owners enjoy energy savings up to 70%. Increasing the “R” Performance to 40+