Who We Are

Doug Canoose has been an advocate for energy conservation, and sustainable building practices for more than forty years.

His work can be seen as a L.E.E.D Accredited Professional in the first L.E.E.D. Platinum Holiday Inn Express in the U.S., located in Peekskill, New York. Other of his work can not be seen, in the equivalent of four nuclear plants worth of energy generation that didn't need to be built due to the Washington State Insulation Standards Act, which he wrote.

Having been an instructor, and creator of curriculum on sustainable construction and weatherization, at colleges through out the region, an instructor and team leader at the C.E.T.A. energy conservation training program; and with the co-authorship of The Home Energy Conservation Guide which was used by DOE region X, State Utilities, and the WA St. Attorney Generals office, he has shown his apptitude at making engineering and building concepts understandable and usable by the lay person.

And as chair of the Energy Conservation Standards Committee for the Clark County Energy Council, and an expert witness for the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding insulation production and installation safety standards qualifies him to speak the language of the experts.

After forty years of effort as a teacher, a lobbyist for the people and a United States Army Veteran Doug Canoose is the man to lead you on your energy efficient, disaster resistant building journey.